Your Cafe POS System Needs the Right Strength in Payments

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A cafe has specific payment needs that differ from other restaurants, and cafe point of sale systems can help.

During peak hours when customers are rushing to work, a cafe may receive more than 45 customers per hour. These peak hours are critical for a cafe’s business. Without a system that can accept multiple types of payments, including cash, credit, check, cards and mobile wallets, a cafe may see long wait times and frustrated customers. This ultimately can lead to a dip in sales during peak times.


A cafe should be able to take multiple types of payments for the following four reasons:

1. Convenience

According to Digital Trends, alternative contact less payment methods such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other mobile wallets are expected to grow over the next five years. This option is considered convenient because it offers one less thing for consumers to carry in their pockets. As such, it’s important for cafes to implement contactless payment systems like near-field communication (NFC) readers and mobile payment options alongside their standard fare. This will offer consumers a greater range of purchase power and will make them more likely to come back to your establishment.

2. Flexibility

All cafes should invest in a POS system that offers multiple payment options for the flexibility it offers customers. During peak hours, a consumer may want to pay with two different payment methods at once. For example, think of a transaction split between a stored value/gift card and a credit card. If a store does not offer the possibility to pay with two options, they will have wasted time servicing that customer. Offering many payment options on a cafe POS system ultimately helps a store’s sales by offering consumers the flexibility they desire.

3. Ease of use

Many customers have different preferences of what payment method is most comfortable for them. By offering payment options such as debit, credit, cash, check, mobile and gift cards, customers can pay using their preferred method. Offering multiple payment options gives consumers the security and comfort they desire while encouraging more sales.

4. Reliability

In case of a power outage or Internet malfunction, a strong cafe POS system should be able to operate manually on a cash-only basis. This makes sure that profits can still be made even in the case of an emergency. Conversely, if a cash drawer does not open, an intuitive cafe point of sale solution can work on a card-only basis to make sales during the malfunction. Either way, multiple payment options translates to greater reliability for businesses.

Source: Your Cafe POS System Needs the Right Strength in Payments




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