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It can be challenging to choose the most suitable POS System for your Restaurant. Therefore, it is very important for any POS system to prove to their clients that their POS System is their best choice. Each and every POS System are similar, but, indulge in different features.Depending on the type of Restaurant it is important to understand what POS System suits them best.

Regardless, of the type of Restaurant you run, from quick- service shops and Pizzerias to food trucks or any type of Restuarant, each business require a POS System that meets their customers constant and rising expectations. This means, that by using a System that offer features such as, Reporting and Analytics, Inventory Management, Loyalty, and Rewards, Table Service, Reliable Offline Mode, Ingredients Tracking and Integrated Payments.

If you are using a simple POS System, that could result in multiple errors when taking orders, delivering food, and tracking inventory. Such issues can be lead to negative reviews and ultimately damage your reputation, slowing the flow of your customers at your Restaurant.

A 2018 POS Software Trends Report notes that about 50% of Restaurant owners plan to add new functionality and features to their POS software in 2018, while 37% are seeking to develop or deploy a mobile POS.

There are multiple software options that offer the latest capabilities. Throughout this blog, you will understand the importance of a POS System and how TABsense can offer your exact needs.


TABsense is one of the strongest software your Restaurant could use as it is full of options which benefits your needs. Our application includes:

  • Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Integrated Payments
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Tabs & Table Service
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Inventory Tracking

Sales & Inventory Reports

TABsense offers you in-depth insights about your business at any time or place. Tracks sales by product, category, staff member and more.

Integrated Payments

Burn through the line with TABsense’s integrated payment options that gives you the flexibility to choose a terminal that is suitable for your customer needs.

Loyalty & Rewards

Understand your customers better. Track their purchases and send promotions and keep them coming back for more with built-in TABsense loyalty with Restaurant POS.

Tabs & Table Services 

Customers running a tab, no problem, simply, put the bill under the customer’s name and take the payment when they return. You also have the option of split bills.

Kitchen Printers

Print food tickets directly to your chefs, manage your printer destinations so you can be as productive as possible and control time management.

Inventory Tracking

Control all your Restaurant stocks. Analyse what is low in stock and re-order your products. Make sure your Restaurant does not run out of the ingredients required to produce your customers requested orders.

Hardware at TABsense

TABsense also offers multiple hardware options such as:

The Ultimate TABsense Peripheral:

High-quality tablet stand & plate option that complements and transforms Star’s combined Bluetooth cash drawer & printer into a TABsense station.

Thermal Printers:

Enables printing from Web-based Applications via HTTP Requests, WebPRNT Ethernet Interface, Small FootPrint, High Speed: 300mm/ sec and Reliable Guillotine Cutter.

Cash Drawers:

Star’s series of cash drawers have been specifically created to link with standard POS printers. These range from larger models targeted towards markets with more note sizes to smaller versions along with wireless accessories for the mPOS market.

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