Dessert Shop

Everything you need to start, run, and grow your Dessert Shop today.

Sweet Success with TABsense Dessert Shop Solutions.

Indulge in sweet success with TABsense's dedicated solutions for dessert shops. Manage orders effortlessly through our specialized system, ensuring a smooth workflow in your shop. Whether serving delectable treats in-store or coordinating pickups and deliveries, TABsense enhances your dessert shop experience.

One solution that grows with you.

Elevate Efficiency with TABsense

Gain control over your dessert shop's finances and staff management effortlessly with TABsense. From cash flow to streamlined staff check-in and check-out, our comprehensive system ensures you are in charge for a more organized and efficient dessert business.

Optimize Operations

Attain operational excellence in your dessert shop, from order management to swift deliveries. TABsense empowers you to allocate tasks effectively, enhancing the overall organizational efficiency of your sweet business.

Optimize Workflows for Success

Manage online and delivery orders completely off-site during peak hours. Complete delivery orders directly from your KDS.

Dedicated Support

Rest assured that assistance is readily available, allowing you to focus on the success and growth of your dessert business.

Modernize Your Sweet Spot

Effortless Operations, Immediate Insights, and a Sweet Journey that Delights with Every Treat.

TABsense KDS

Enhance your kitchen efficiency with the perfect solution for streamlined order management.

Table Service

Elevate your restaurant's table service experience with TABsense – seamlessly taking orders, gaining insights, and empowering you to optimize table arrangements for enhanced efficiency.

Point of Sale

Effortlessly oversee all business operations from a centralized hub with TABsense Point of Sale.


TABsense is an integrated solution designed to streamline various aspects of restaurant operations, including online ordering, kitchen display systems (KDS), and point-of-sale (POS) systems.

TABsense offers efficiency by providing solutions such as online order management, kitchen display for streamlined operations, and advanced POS features, all tailored to enhance your restaurant’s overall performance.

Yes, TABsense caters to various restaurant types, including single and multi-location establishments, ghost kitchens, and those looking to expand their operations.

Yes, TABsense provides dedicated phone and email customer support to assist users, ensuring a smooth experience and addressing any queries through your whole working hours.

Yes, TABsense is designed to be compatible with both older and newer devices, operating seamlessly across various operating systems to ensure flexibility and accessibility for all users.

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